Man Of Steel – Brand New Trailer

Posted: 12/12/2012 in FILM
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MoS poster 2
First time I saw the initial Man of Steel trailer I had mixed feelings. I have absolutely no problem with adding some grit and grime to a superhero, regardless of who they are, so seeing this offered an interesting new cinematic spin on the last son of Krypton.

On the other hand both it’s title (using a hero’s nom de guerre’s nom de guerre as the film’s title) and it’s tone and colour palette seemed to be overly reliant on The Dark Knight to find appeal.

Having watched this though I feel a sense of relief and unexpected excitement. Yes, it has a similar palate to The Dark Knight Trilogy (and let’s be honest, this will almost definitely be the start of its own trilogy) but it features a cavalcade of arresting imagery that calls to mind some classic comic book moments. This mixture of weight and super-heroic sensibilities seems me more reminding of the Iron Man films rather than the Batman series.

Maybe I’m buoyed by the marvelous (no pun intended) poster released recently that featured sublte yet striking use of three iconic and traditionally contrasting elements, but I’m thinking this looks great.

We also get to see our first glimpse of (a slightly haggered) Amy Adams as Louis Lane and Michael Shannon’s seriously bearded General Zod in this trailer, not to mention plenty of exploding to boot (for those who complained about Superman Returns) .

By RJ Bayley
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