The Protoype2012 was a special year for fans of genre and franchise cinema. Sam Mendes gave us the appropriately excellent Bond adventure Skyfall for the secret agent’s 50th anniversary. Christopher Nolan made it a hat-trick and finished off his Batman trilogy with the stunning The Dark Knight Rises. Karl Urban delivered a rendition of The Law all comic fans were waiting for with the reassuringly violent Dredd. We were also treated to a return visit to Middle-Earth by the man who took us there in the first place via The Hobbit. And perhaps the most nerdgasm inducing of them all; that which I thought I’d never see on the silver screen, a cohesive (not to mention brilliant) comic-book universe culminating in the joyous Avengers Assemble.

But it wasn’t just good news for the superhero fans, the horror fans were well catered for too. Horror studio and British institution Hammer continued it’s triumphant resurrection with the rightly praised The Woman in Black. Tim Burton got back on form with the flawless Frankenweenie. Ridley Scott went back to the future with the retro Prometheus and Drew Goddard almost re-invented the horror-show with the showstopping The Cabin In The Woods.

Also there was blogger Louise Boyd’s must see horror of the year, Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead.

But now we’ve survived apocalypse and will soon be into Twelve Months of Terror then what have we got to look forward to?

Below are the trailers that have got Goats in the Machine most intrigued to see the films they’re flogging.

  1. The Prototype

    Simply wonderful looking. Not only is the design-work impressively turbo-budgeted but the tone seems to evoke many memories of District 9. Grungy, low-down, dirty, metal, desperate, confused and angry; The Prototype seems like something from the futures of past; a cynical place in which we have to live with our actions and make sense of what we have to become.
  2. Gangster Squad

    An old-school Gangster movie shot like a modern-day action flick, this doesn’t look like it lets up with aggressive directing and extreme camerawork. Josh Brolin looks ready to live up to Costner’s Elliot Ness and Sean Penn might even give DeNiro’s Al Capone a run for his money. Will this be The Untouchables’ successor?
  3. Iron Man 3

    How could Marvel Studios follow The Avengers? That’s half the intrigue. Marvel started with Iron Man so, it’ll  be interesting to see how they handle their own universe when following up their flawless Phase 1 finale. Given how good this trailer is, it looks like they know just what to do with an expanding story.
  4. Man of Steel

    Clearly stepping away from what Richard Donner started 1978, this is exciting for several reasons. Firstly, Superman’s back! Yaaaaay! Secondly Zack Snyder has a unique visual flair that he can really let fly given Kal-L’s abilities. He’s also best at telling other people’s stories (not so much his own; see Suckerpunch), and he’s back doing that here. Thirdly Chris(t) Nolan, fresh from the masterful Dark Knight trilogy is “shepherding” the film, so while we’re guaranteed Snyder’s visual flash-bang-wallop, we should be in safe hands when it comes to quality and characterization.
  5. Pacific Rim

    Guilermo del Toro. Giant mechs with names like Gypsy Danger and The Jaeger fighting interdimensional sea-aliens. “Today we are canceling the apocalypse!”. That rocket-punch. Shut-up and take my money.
  6. Evil Dead

    As a huge fan of The Evil Dead franchise I’m unexpectedly optimistic about this remake/sequel hybrid. This trailer looks like it’ll be a hybrid of parts 1 and 2 and shows off some impressively bloody practical effects (practical horror effects go a long way with me in the age of CGI). It’s also produced by Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert, so clearly this has their blessing. There’s scriptwork by Diablo Cody and the Evil-Dead-philosophy-appropriate brave choice of putting Fede Alvarez in the director’s chair based on his excellent short Ataque de Panico! With that talent behind the camera we’ve got a shot at a remake that could do it’s progenitor proud.
  7. Stand Up Guys

    Who can resist Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin as three old gangsters reuniting after a very long prison stretch to have one final night of fun? Not only does this look great fun, but the academy award winning actors should be able deliver the humour and the pathos when it comes to Walken being chosen to off Pacino at the end of the night.
  8. The Last Stand

    The Last Stand marks Arnie’s first leading role since his pre-politcs career turn in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Its probably a safe bet for him to return with a decidedly old-school B looking action movie. With Johnny Knoxville onboard and Kim Ji-woon making his American directorial debut, this looks like it might be a whole lot of old fashioned fun.
  9. Mama

    Del Toro’s second time on this list, Mama looks like a refreshing and modern ghost story crafted from some classic elements (creepy children, decayed dolls, an overprotective mummy-ghost). The trailer looks like it’ll also be an excellent character study of a family having the ultimate break-down.
  10. Hitchcock

    Looks to be a horror fan’s cinematic treasure trove. Set during the making of PsychoHitchcock is a portrait of the fascinating, complicated and ego-maniacal  director by a expertly made-up and very convincing Anthony Hopkins. Should be a great double-bill with the recent The Girl.By RJ Bayley
Anything you think should be on the list? Post them up on the comments below!
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