Firstly I’d like to offer thanks to the numerous people who have helped create this final list, particularly fellow blogger Louise Boyd (who collaborated on the first Twelve Months of Terror Webcast ) and internet extraordinaire Dan Cole.

I needed to cut down the list of horror films for the project and having given it much thought I have not come up with the following list.

What I have done is been massively precious about some films I might not have even seen but am, in some cases, prematurely fond of. So I thought ‘You know what? I’m just going to hack this down like so many victims of Camp Crystal Lake.

Granted the first installment of Twelve Months of Terror, New Year’s Evil, is already out there, but then there wasn’t argument over the first film, I was adamant of that. The problem with this not being a project like BlogalongaBond is that instead of having an already in-order franchise, I had to choose from the entirity of horror cinema and find a legitimate order for it…hence the article previous to this.

So based on the kind suggestions of our community here and my own aggressive, sherry-fueled (Christmas left-overs, what can I say), merciless decisions, here is the final list of films for Twelve Months Of Terror.

January – New Year’s- New Year’s Evil

This bizarre throwback is already online for your listening pleasure. Interesting it proved to be as well, with unique ideas of how to convey the slasher ideology. Listen to the Goats In The Machine webcast to see if it’s successful!

February – St. Valentine’s Day- My Bloody Valentine
This was an easy choice for several reasons. Firstly it’s Quentin Tarantino‘s favourite slasher. Secondly, for one of the most notorious slashers its not one of the most seen. It will also be interesting to explore why this noted horror never generated a franchise. Maybe the reason is in the trailer…”it can’t be happening again”.
March – St. Patrick’s Day – Leprechaun
Thanks to input from fellow Webcaster Bill the entire range of the Leprechaun series has gone down to the original. Since this series is going under the reboot hammer (thanks to WWE Studios no less) it will be interesting to look at where the original franchise started with Warwick Davis and Jennifer Aniston.
April – Easter – Resurrection
I had originally considered the film Easter Bunny, Kill, Kill! for this date but dismissed it . But I did heavily reconsider it after commenter Dan Cole’s suggestion. In the end I weighed it against the amount of trash on show and realised I had quite a lot on offer. Thusly I thought it wise to stay with my original idea of Resurrection. Not only does this Seven-like thriller intrigue me, but I’m a fan of Christopher Lambert and could use something that takes itself seriously to help balance the list.
May – VE Day – Dead Snow
Not much is made of this occasion anymore. I suppose its the simple passage of time building up the temporal distance between that day and now. To honour this day Dead Snow was an easy choice. I look forward to seeing some undead Nazis made dead again.
June – Father’s Day –The Stepfather
Again an undisputed easy one. This is a purported classic that no one I know of has seen! Seems like a great time and reason to watch the movie.
July – Bastille Day – Brotherhood of the Wolf
As commenter Dan Cole agreed, Uncle Sam was a bit too much trash for this list! Hence Brotherhood of the Wolf stays. Also to keep some international flavour and because I like wolves. Based on real killings attributed to the legendary  Beast of Gévaudan and starring the likes of Mark Dacascos, Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, this promises to be a quality French fancy.
August – Edinburgh Festival – Stitches
I’m thankful of the suggestion of The Loved Ones. Having now seen the trailer for that I am eager to see it; perhaps in the next Twelve Months of Terror, if there is one? For now feeback from peers like Bill and Chris Sykes and others persuades me to stick with Ross Noble’s film debut Stiches. Who can resist the surrealist funnyman playing a psychotic clown? Isn’t that what he is anyway?
September – Back To School- Carrie
Its the time of year we all dread the most. No,  Halloween is a month too late, its when school starts again. Carrie, as said before, is an undisputed classic. Lets give it its dues and have a proper gander at it.
October – Halloween – Pumpkinhead
Halloween is one of my all time favourite films. I think its one of the greatest films ever. But a great deal of film writers have written an awful lot about it; I know I have! I think its time for an unsung hero of the season to get a look in. It certainly seems intersting enough, with its poetic origins and a directorial debut by an cinematic legend from another field.
November – Thanksgiving – Thankskilling
Some of the greatest horror films ever made are trash; look at The Evil Dead  and Driller Killer. But trash doesn’t mean bad. Trash is an aesthetic, a method of film-making, deliberate or not. Trash cinema can be some of the most fun. As much as I love Sam Raimi, Boogeyman  just doesn’t seem to push too many envelopes or get in anyone’s faces, as great horror should. So let’s see what happens when we push that boundary. Let’s see what happens when a film aspires to be the trashiest of trash. If something aspires to be trash is it really Trash? I guess we’ll find out with prime example Thankskilling.
December – Christmas – Silent Night, Deadly Night
Some people love it, some people hate it.  At the end of the day this caused massive controversy in its time, more than many other horrors before or after. Regardless of quality (and I haven’t seen it, it might be great) films that cause this much of a rumpus have left a scar on cinematic history, and what with the recent loose remake, lets give Silent Night, Deadly Night its day.
By RJ Bayley
You can follow RJ Bayley on his twitter: @Chunder_thunder
And you should follow Goats In The Machine directly for updates: @Goatsinmachine
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