Played a superhero blind guy.

Played a superhero blind guy.

It’s widely acknowledged Denzel Washington is the best actor ever. Nobody but Denzel Washington has the power to instantly transform what would be a poor B-movie into a piece of art by simply being in it.

Appropriately, Youtube sensations and hip-hop legends in the making Krispy Kreme and Moneymaker Mike have seen fit to recognize him with their astounding track ‘Denzel Washington’

Enjoy. He’s so darn cool, he’s so darn clever.

By RJ Bayley

Any other hip-hop salutes to the stars we should know about? Link them up in the comments below!
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Shout out to Denzel Washington.

  1. […] Washington is, as ever, on top form. Noted arts commentators have recently hailed him as the ‘the best actor ever’ and its no mean feat to see why he’s been nominated for a best actor Oscar. It is an […]

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