Meet The New Film Critic for Popcorn Horror

Posted: 21/01/2013 in JUNKYARD
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Much to my delight I have been selected as the new Film Critic for the awesome short horror film app Popcorn HorrorBy downloading the app you’ll be able to read my reviews of horror films, with a new one published every Tuesday. You’ll also be able to watch some of the best short horror films from the brightest up-and-coming filmmakers from around the world.

The app is available for free on Android and iPhone and I’ve been a big fan of it since the beginning so being asked to be their Film Critic is an honour.

Me, with logos floating to the right of my head.

Me, with logos floating to the right of my head.

Make sure you get your free app right now and I’ll see you on the other side!

By RJ Bayley.

Popcorn Horror
Popcorn Horror app download:
Popcorn Horror on

Do you have any favourite films from the Popcorn Horror app?
Any reviews of new or vintage films you’d like me to review? Let me know in the comments below!
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