Sykesfall & For Your Eyes Owlny

Sykesfall & For Your Eyes Owlny

For a long time now I’ve been a huge fan of All of Whine And Space and their pop-cultural webcast based chatter. Of all their output however, my favourite has always been their commentaries of  all 28 James Bond films. To me these defined the blogging project that was BlogalongaBond. 

So naturally, when it came to my pet project Twelve Months of Terror, my first thoughts on who to get involved outside of Louise was All of Whine And Space

And much to my happiness, they’ve agreed to jump on board the ghost train with February’s film My Bloody Valentine. Going by their webcast they’ll be joining us for the full run and then in a true Whinecast-Bond-stylee loop around and cover New Year’s Evil as well.

MY word, their inaugural webcast is BLOODY brilliant and its made me wish I could join Richard ‘Bill’ Lawrence and Chris ‘Sykesfall’ Sykes in bed for our own little VALENTINE (if you read words I’ve subtly indicated in this perfectly natural sentence you will reveal the name of a hidden film!).

So, what are you waiting for? Get over to and prepare to LOSE YOUR HEART! (genius) to All of Whine and Space.


Follow Chris Sykes on Twitter: @chrissykes108
Follow Bill on Twitter: @billowl
All of Whine And Space website:
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