Evil Dead remake poster In this special Goats In The Machine webcast, RJ Bayley and Louise Boyd give an audio review of the remake/reboot/sequel/requel Evil Dead. We look at why more is never enough when it comes to blood and guts, as well as compare it to the original, what they’ve kept, lost and changed. We will then do our now apparently customary one word summation, and say why we think that word represents the film.

This review contains spoilers, but if you have seen the movie then see if you agree with our pronouncements but clicking the link after the jump!

Evil Dead (2013) review Webcast

RJ Bayley & Louise Boyd, from left to right.

RJ Bayley & Louise Boyd, from left to right.

What do you think of the webcast? Is this a brave new vision of a horror classic, or a needless reanimation of the corpse of a dead loved one? Let us know in the comments below!

You can follow RJ Bayley on Twitter: @Chunder_Thunder You can follow Louise Boyd on Twitter: @wanderingloulou Or you can follow Goats in the Machine directly for updates: @GoatsinMachine

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