Well, they did call it National Socialism

Well, they did call it National Socialism

As part of 12 Months of Terror, Phil Mason returns to look at the confusing ideologies of the Nazi Zombies inspired by Dead Snow.

There’s one thing that really bothers me about Nazi Zombies…Well, other than the shambling groaning trying to eat my face thing. Where exactly do they fit with their whole socialist agenda?

As I’m sure/hope you are aware Nazism is a variety of fascism that incorporates biological racism & Anti-Semitism. It claims that an Aryan race was superior to all other races, blonde hair & blue eyes. So tell me, where exactly do Nazi Zombies fit into that ideology?

I mean they hardly fit into their master race concept? What with the rotting flesh, hanging body parts, necrosis & just being generally unpleasant & disturbing to look at. It’s very doubtful that they would be welcomed at any rallies anytime soon, so how can they be truly Nazis? If anything they would probably just be weaponized. But how would the Zombies themselves feel about that?

And that's how they solve political arguments in Norway.

And that’s how they solve political arguments in Norway.

Compared to regular garden variety Zombies the Nazi kind so seem to show signs of not just being a mindless horde of people eating destruction, as seen in films such as Dead Snow, Nazis at The Centre of the Earth & Outpost (Yes I know those ones are technically ghosts not zombies but shut up!). They’re smart, they plan, and they sometimes have goals other than just kill the living. I don’t think they would take very kindly to being rejected & turn on their living counterparts, thus creating more Nazi Zombies and expanding the horde. They would all die, rise again, and from a new Dead Reich that would sweep the globe!

And that’s another point that’s just jumped to mind: Nazi Zombies are not as racist and bigoted as their living counterparts, they hate all the living equally! It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, you are alive & they’re going to eat you. And each of us has a place in the horde.

RJ Bayley's face when hearing Chris Sykes' & Richard Lawerence's opinion of Dead Snow on their 12 Months Of Terror webcast.

RJ Bayley’s face when hearing Chris Sykes’ & Richard Lawerence’s opinion of Dead Snow on their 12 Months Of Terror webcast.

So I’m not entirely sure what point I’m trying to make here: That Zombies are the social opposite of Nazis? That Zombie Nazis are a conflicted character being split by two different ideologies that don’t fit together? Either way one thing we can agree on is that Nazis suck & they’re better off dead. Even if they get back up, you can just kill them again.

By Phil Mason

Are you confused by the contrasting politics of the Nazi zombie? Or do you think they don’t really have the capacity to think about it and are mostly concerned with munching delicious brains? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. mikeyb185 says:

    Ha, i love people thinking to deeply into things, its what i do! I think the conclusion is that zombies may be undead, rotting, cannibals but they’re essentially better people than Nazis

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