Not too long ago I used to be sub-editor and chief film writer of Culture Bomb magazine and website. I wrote two columns, Private Movie Screaming in which I looked at elements of cinema or a movie which made me particularly passionate, and Cultimate Edition, which looked at a cult movie each month. I also wrote film reviews, and the odd bit of game discussion and music commentary.

Sadly though, all good things must come to an end and Culture Bomb is no longer operating in the same capacity it once was.


I have, however, been given kind permission by the former editor to re-publish my work from Culture Bomb on my blog, and so to give what I’ve poured a fairly hefty chunk of time into a home, I’ll be doing so.

From time to time I’ll be posting something from the archives of the website and magazine which I wrote in times of yore. They’ll pop up on a regular basis and be of varying format and length, whatever I feel like dredging up at the time. If you haven’t read them before I hope you enjoy them.

By RJ Bayley.

Anything you want to see from the back catalogue? Let me know in the comments below!
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