Now that the dust has settled we can separate the facts from the rumours a little better now and accompany them with some fine ale and whisky.

In our second show the Film Corps show we’re not ones to play by the rules by throwing a guest voice in as early as this second episode.

Us, being Scott Forrest, RJ Bayley and guest Niall Heseltine, chat about what the news from SDCC is and could mean for the future of our beloved franchises.

Join us as we look at construction of the DC Cinematic Universe, the future of X-Men, Scott’s Controversial views on Orczi and Kurtzman, and Karen Gillan‘s hair.

There’s even RJ Bayley’s first ever committed-to-recording burp.


Film Corps: SDCC Reflections webcast

RJ Bayley & Scott Forrest, from left to right.

RJ Bayley & Scott Forrest, from left to right.

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By RJ Bayley

Seriously, what was Scott banging on about by disliking Orczi and Kurtzman?
Let us know in the comments below!
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