The biggest and best comedy festival in the world is underway right here in Edinburgh. So for this installment of Twelve Months Of Terror we’re looking at a horror comedy, featuring a killer clown played by surrealist stand-up comedian Ross Noble; see how much funny is packed into that? All the funny!

Or is it?

There appears to be a difference of opinion on this month’s episode, an unprecedented event that isn’t to be missed! Is the gross, filthy horror spot-on tasteless goodness, or is it just a bit too far to be comfortable? Is the base and crude humour joyously childish, or is it just a bit stupid?

Join us as we look at Ross Noble’s performance, the benefits of avoiding standard film structure, what the future holds for the male equivalent of cleavage and #TMOT.

Stitches Webcast

RJ Bayley & Louise Boyd, from left to right.

RJ Bayley & Louise Boyd, from left to right.

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Who’s right on Stitches? Louise? RJ Bayley? Are you up for some male cleavage equality? Let us know in the comments below!
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