Gobble, Gobble melon farmers! Here we are (again) to rock you like a hurricane (again).

This month Twelve Months of Terror/#HASHTAGTMOT sets the table for something bright and breezy, cheap and cheerful.

Since we’re British and we don’t get the chance to have two cracks at the turkey in a year, we’ve taken this opportunity to experience a little bit of the great American Thanksgiving, following up our Pumpkinhead pie by letting the Turkie have a crack at us.

For November Louise Boyd and I, RJ Bayley, are giving commentary on ThanksKilling, a film which aspires to be the ultimate so-bad-its-good-movie. But if you aim to be a so-bad-its-so-good and succeed, isn’t that just a good movie?

Join us for a discussion of the super cult-y ThanksKilling, and just for fun we’ll enlighten you on what terminology we should be using when referring to Americans/Immigrant Americans/Nu-Americans, whether or not Thanksgiving dinners would be too much for our feeble British stomachs, and how a tiny scope and deliberately awful attitude to film quality can actually be a remarkable positive.

ThanksKilling webcast

RJ Bayley & Louise Boyd, from left to right.

RJ Bayley & Louise Boyd, from left to right.

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Is ThanksKilling an underrated gem that deserves more than its IMDB rating? Let us know in the comments below!
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Well I’m pretty pleased with that commentary and I hope you are too! If so, please buy ThanksKilling, or something else, through this, our Amazon affiliate link; we get a commission and you don’t pay any extra.

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