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Like all good horror movie monsters, Popcorn Horror has risen once again, stronger and more imposing than it was ever before.

I had been hoping to write this post a month ago when Popcorn Horror first relaunched but its been a fairly heavy writing/recording schedule.

For me there is something a little bittersweet about this new iteration of the pioneering platform that is Popcorn Horror. I’ve always been a fan of their mobile based delivery system for grassroots, independent horror films. It kept me more entertained on the bus back my last workplace than Youtube ever could and it genuinely supported up and coming film makers in a genre I am passionate about.

So you can imagine my delight when I become the official reviewer for Popcorn Horror. Its something I’m genuinely passionate about and I’ll happily admit I was very happy when they appointed me as their reviewer. I was very pleased to see my weekly reviews appear on the app every Tuesday.

But all good things must evolve into better things, and such is the case with Popcorn Horror. It has grown again, this time into a fully online, desktop based horror mecca.

I’ll be continuing my weekly reviews in my new capacity as “Official Reviewer”, in the same sharp and punchy format I hope you’ve come to expect. There’s also a lot more occurring on the website, with fantastic artwork, fiction, photography, articles and lists by some awfully good contributors.

This is all tied in with a pretty innovative new method of encouraging and rewarding creators of online content called Bolster. Well worth keeping an eye on that project, let me tell you. Its a method of allowing fans to reward creators while guaranteeing a personalized reciprocation from those very creators. There are other features that facilitate communication between creators and fans and that let them buy t-shirts, but that’s something you’re best off exploring yourself.

Anyway, go, enjoy Popcorn Horror and all the wonderful short films it holds.

Are you already a fan of Popcorn Horror? Let me know in the comments below!
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