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Such a sudden increase in quality from Superman IV: The Quest for Piss has literally given regular hosts Niall and I whiplash. To help us deal with this debilitating injury we’ve drafted in the Film Corps’ Scott Forrest to take up our slack.

We find out that really liking a movie makes it a damn sight more difficult to talk about than something monumentally awful, but we still find things to question, such as Batman’s brilliant yet moronic grasp of engineering and a very sexually questionable joke.

We also ponder whether this portrays a more comic-accurate world, how does Jack Nicholson stack up as the joker, and what slant does this film take on the caped crusader’s insanity?

Batman webcast

Niall Heseltine and RJ Bayley, respectively.

Niall Heseltine and RJ Bayley, respectively.

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You need it in your life.

You need it in your life.

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