Dirty Riddler, DIRTY!

Dirty Riddler, DIRTY!

Before you listen to this, I’d like you to bear in mind that for Niall and my last podcast in this series, I was awarded “Podcast Quote of 2014 by internet superhero mogul, Eyes Skyward.

I think I was taking Batman Forever as seriously as Joel Schumacher was taking the Batman franchise during the making of this podcast. To be fair to myself, and to a lesser extent Niall (but only because he was drunk to a lesser extent than me) needed an awful lot of alcohol to get through this movie.

This is an episode absolutely crammed full of nonsense and towards the end, insanity and I sincerely hope it amuses you, and perhaps even makes you chuckle. Or at the very least shock you and cause you to call it distasteful on Twitter. However its not all drowning our sorrows. We take an in depth look at what works amongst this mess of a movie while also pinpointing which elements in particular condemn the neon nightmare to a fluorescent Hell.

Batman Forever, Drunk podcast

Niall & RJ Bayley from left to right, in between Satan the beer skull

Niall & RJ Bayley from left to right, in between Satan the beer skull

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Are we too critical of Batman Forever? Are we too drunk to even pass judgement? Let us know in the comments below!
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Batman blu ray box set

You need it in your life. The first two anyway

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