What on earth lead to Batman striking this pose exactly?

The world’s greatest prank.

This is Niall ‘before Zod’ Heseltine’s and my podcast on the 1997 disaster that we all were sadly affected by. A lot of good brain cells died watching the film that brought you this podcast.

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In this episode we look at which elements of theses neon hell don’t follow logic, and which just defy comprehension. We look at Poison Ivy’s plant-hybrid life and compare it to our theories on Superman in a previous podcast, the baffling lack of sense when it comes to ‘ice’ puns, Alfred’s complete dismissal of  Batman’s life, the fact that mirrors now apparently reflect all temperatures,  the idea that George Clooney plays Batman as a kind simpleton, Robin’s petulance and the massive issue of Batgirl’s weight.

So join us in a journey into the insane, questionable and at times down right fetishistic world of Batman & Robin.

2 minutes silence will follow.

Batman and Robin podcast

Niall (before Zod) and RJ Bayley from left to right, in between Satan the port skull

Niall (before Zod) and RJ Bayley from left to right, in between Satan the port skull

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