If you’ve read my last couple of reviews (Virginia Obscura for Popcorn Horror and Memory Lane for Haddonfield Horror) you’d be forgiven for thinking it is my personal mission to give a generous kicking to every micro-budgeted piece of horror fiction flung my way for review.

Not so for this latest piece, the newest chapbook from This is Horror, Stephen Graham Jones‘ The Elvis Room. You’ll be able to find out what I thought about it in a forthcoming review for Popcorn Horror, but for now here’s the PR from This Is Horror.

Think of it as penance for my recent acts of critical savagery.

[I’ve removed someone else’s praise from it, because frankly, its my gaff you should be coming to for all your horror criticism needs.]

The Elvis Room By Stephen Graham Jones

Released March 2014

ISBN 978-0-9575481-5-2

eISBN 978-0-9575481-6-9



Available for pre-order from the This Is Horror shop

The brand new This Is Horror chapbook from the award-winning author of THE LAST FINAL GIRL.

Limited Signature Edition 100 copies.

What if you weren’t looking for evidence of the supernatural, but found it all the same? A true research scientist can either hide that evidence or tell the world. Either way it’s going to haunt you. Either way your life is never going to be the same again.

Find out what’s always on the other side of the door.
It’s the Elvis Room.

About the author: Stephen Graham Jones has fifteen novels, five collections, one other novella, and about two hundred stories published so far. Up soon is a young adult co- written with Paul Tremblay, Floating Boy Meets the Girl Who Couldn’t Fly (Chi-Teen), and a horror collection, After the People Lights Have Gone Off (Dark House Press). Talking Elvis, Stephen was lucky enough to get taken to an Elvis concert when he was about four. Talking hotels, they’re the main place Stephen lives, it seems. And they’re always terrifying. Talking This is Horror, Stephen’s won their Novel of the Year Award and their Short Fiction of the Year Award. Talking everything else: Stephen’s Blackfeet, was born in West Texas, lives in Colorado now, and is married with two kids. And he’s never cutting his hair.

You can follow Stephen Graham Jones on Twitter: @SGJ72
You can follow This is Horror on Twitter: @ThisIsHorror
And you should definitely follow the kicker of the downtrodden: @RJBayley

If you like this medium called “writing” which is like movies but without getting to see the blood and guts, please buy some through this GITM link. I get a kick back of the profits and you pay NOTHING extra.

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