It’s one year today that we get to see the next James Bond film, the 24th in the series. To aid in the search for the next Bond song artist, Richard Lawrence, who co-hosts the fantastic All of Whine and Space podcasts, offers his suggestions for who it should be.

Shirley Bassey, Paul McCartney and Duran Duran, to name just a few, have all had the privilege of singing for Bond, James Bond. But who will get the honour this time next year for the as yet-untitled Bond 24? There is almost a required style for a Bond song, but in the past this has been challenged. I present below a selection of artists who I’ve heard and think could do a great job.


Let gets things started….



Skyfall was an interesting attempt from the Londoner; you could argue that it’s just what we should have expected from Adele and the Bond theme for the 50th anniversary. The classic John Barry theme can be heard within the tune and the lyrics, which after the release of the film work to perfection. However for me and a few others I have spoken to believe Adele’s true talents lay in her up-tempo numbers like Rolling in the Deep and Set Fire to the RainSkyfall has some elements of speedier tempo, partly the choral singing about sky falling and being at Skyfall, but I feel the shackles of the 50th anniversary held Adele back from delivering a truly classic theme. Because of that I’d love to hear Adele have another crack, but maybe just in a film or two’s times.

Emeli Sande


I don’t want Adele to do Bond 24, so a way everyone could be happy is to allow Emeli to have that film’s theme. This would not be a huge departure from Adele as from what I’ve heard Emeli has a very similar range. There are the up-tempo songs like Heaven and then her version of Read All About It which is much slower, both demonstrating her range of vocal abilities with which she could tackle a Bond song. For me this is a safe pair of hands to continue the style that was chosen for Skyfall and with the majority of the same production staff returning this could add an air of freshness while staying familiar.



I am not a Megadeth fan, but on a trip to Edinburgh a friend of mine said “listen to this” and I do think they could do a Bond theme song. The songs in question are Countdown to Extinction and 13. Now I don’t think these songs could be used for Bond but you can hear a Bond theme hiding underneath the songs. I think in the same vein as Chris Cornell for Casino Royale, Megadeth could combine both these songs to deliver something different for a Bond tune but not break the model like Madonna with Die Another Day. I think David Fincher showed want can be done with a rock song and opening title sequence with his brilliant opening to his version of The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo. Also I personally like both Chris Cornell’s and Jack White’s (with Alice Keys) attempts to play with the rules of a Bond theme, though I fully think Skyfall was right for the anniversary. I would like to see a return to a rocker theme for the Craig era.

Michael Bublé


Pick up any Michael Buble album and you will hear a great, versatile artist capable of making you laugh, cry or dance your heart out before you know it. His voice is strong and recognisable which means we could return to something like Thunderball or Live and Let Die and have a distinctive male voice accompanying James Bond on the big screen, just like Megadeth above. The track that makes me think Michael Buble could do a Bond song is Cry Me a River. It makes me think of a bitter and broken man similar to Daniel Craig’s Bond towards the end of Skyfall, even more so towards the end of Quantum of Solace. For me a return to the Quantum storyline wouldn’t be a terrible thing and Michael Buble should be the singer to sing us there. With the way Michael has reimagined other peoples’ work I can easily see him teaming up with a songwriter to smash a Bond theme out of the park. I love the attention he bring to songs like Cry Me a River and Feeling Good; maybe the next person could team up with him and write Michael the next Bond song?

Gary Barlow (and Take That)


He is the British songwriter of our generation and has written some beautiful songs fit for many different occasions, from A Million Love Songs for a wedding, Shine for a good dance and Rule the World for a political party! All joking aside, Gary has shown his ability to write a whole host of different songs and like Tom, Paul and Shirley, Gary should be allowed to have a go. The best thing about Bond is its ability to come back from a bad film or song, so why not take the gamble? Take That have provided songs for films before in Rule the World for Stardust and Love Love for X-Men First Class, so it wouldn’t be a truly alien prospect. I think Take That could give the next production a ready made Adele replacement, continuing the style from Skyfall but not being a carbon copy of the previous film. On a personal note I have enjoyed every Bond theme tune when it has come from a band with past, examples being Live and Let Die from Paul McCartney and Wings and Duran Duran’s A View to a Kill.

Lady Gaga

clarence clemons

For some Bond should always be sung for by a female voice. This is possibly because some of the most iconic songs have been performed by women and because of this it feels right. Lady Gaga might not be the first person you think of but she has an amazing voice and could also appear in the film itself akin to Madonna’s double duty on Die Another Day. Lady Gaga has the ability to write extremely catchy songs along with others that have a powerful message. I love Bad Romance and think she could bring a female rock edge to the Bond franchise that hasn’t felt out of place before (such as with Sheryl Crow) but also deliver the classic Bond theme that Adele released last time. For an example see Lady Gaga’s latest work with Tony Bennett.

Bruce Springsteen


Did you think I could write an article about music and the biggest songs in the movie business without making a case for The Boss? In my mind there is no doubt that Bruce could knock our socks off and deliver the greatest Bond song of the modern era. Bringing the powerful soulful nature of the E Street band with him, he could dip into his writing bag and pull inspiration from Murder Incorporated or Ghost of Tom Joad (High Hopes Version). However there isn’t really a ready made Bond song in his back-catalogue. That doesn’t mean he can’t do it; his inclusion here is extremely personal, but also deliberately looking outside the box. My worry is Adele did such a good job for Skyfall that she could have set us down a path of similar artists getting the gig for awhile. Just like the films themselves we should encourage the producers to freshen up the artists asked to do the Bond theme song

In conclusion any of the above (and most likely the person chosen) would do a fine job, so now it’s just wait and see time.


Do you have any recommendations for and artist who’ll deliver a great 007 theme tune? Let us know in the comments below!
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