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It’s one year today that we get to see the next James Bond film, the 24th in the series. To aid in the search for the next Bond song artist, Richard Lawrence, who co-hosts the fantastic All of Whine and Space podcasts, offers his suggestions for who it should be.

Shirley Bassey, Paul McCartney and Duran Duran, to name just a few, have all had the privilege of singing for Bond, James Bond. But who will get the honour this time next year for the as yet-untitled Bond 24? There is almost a required style for a Bond song, but in the past this has been challenged. I present below a selection of artists who I’ve heard and think could do a great job.


Let gets things started….



Skyfall was an interesting attempt from the Londoner; you could argue that it’s just what we should have expected from Adele and the Bond theme for the 50th anniversary. The classic John Barry theme can be heard within the tune and the lyrics, which after the release of the film work to perfection. However for me and a few others I have spoken to believe Adele’s true talents lay in her up-tempo numbers like Rolling in the Deep and Set Fire to the RainSkyfall has some elements of speedier tempo, partly the choral singing about sky falling and being at Skyfall, but I feel the shackles of the 50th anniversary held Adele back from delivering a truly classic theme. Because of that I’d love to hear Adele have another crack, but maybe just in a film or two’s times.

Emeli Sande


I don’t want Adele to do Bond 24, so a way everyone could be happy is to allow Emeli to have that film’s theme. This would not be a huge departure from Adele as from what I’ve heard Emeli has a very similar range. There are the up-tempo songs like Heaven and then her version of Read All About It which is much slower, both demonstrating her range of vocal abilities with which she could tackle a Bond song. For me this is a safe pair of hands to continue the style that was chosen for Skyfall and with the majority of the same production staff returning this could add an air of freshness while staying familiar.




This frankly very well thought out Guest post is by comediac Phil MasonYou can read his ace blog The Housebroken Geek and follow him on Twitter.  And by can I mean should.


Pumkinhead. Over 10 feet of unstoppable demonic fury & vengeance. Summoned by infernal dark magics, his only purpose is reaping terrible bloody vengeance on the living. With tooth & claw he stalks the land, unrelenting, unstoppable. If you look into his cold reptilian eyes there is no mercy, no pity, only your slow agonising death.


This guest post is by Richard Lawrence, who co-hosts the fantastic All of Whine and Space podcasts, probably my biggest influence on my getting into the format. Its a pleasure to have him write for Goats In The Machine and I heartily suggest you check out his work.

Escape Plan poster

There are two extremely important things to know about me before you read the following love letter to the 2013 classic Escape Plan starring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The first is that I am a huge fan of Sylvester Stallone and his work on the wonderful Rocky films. The second is I went into this film on the strength of my love for both Stallone and Schwarzenegger.


Well, they did call it National Socialism

Well, they did call it National Socialism

As part of 12 Months of Terror, Phil Mason returns to look at the confusing ideologies of the Nazi Zombies inspired by Dead Snow.

There’s one thing that really bothers me about Nazi Zombies…Well, other than the shambling groaning trying to eat my face thing. Where exactly do they fit with their whole socialist agenda?

As I’m sure/hope you are aware Nazism is a variety of fascism that incorporates biological racism & Anti-Semitism. It claims that an Aryan race was superior to all other races, blonde hair & blue eyes. So tell me, where exactly do Nazi Zombies fit into that ideology?


When I was little (and still now to be honest) I adored cartoons. I had dozens and dozens of video tapes of old classic cartoons: Woody Woodpecker, Barney Bear, Tom & Jerry, The Three Stooges, Mr Magoo…you have no idea who these characters are do you? And of course the collected ensemble characters of Loony Tunes and Hanna-Barbera. In fact I was one of those few people who actually preferred H&B to the more popular and well-known Loony Tunes, well, with the exception of one…