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Broadcaster and journalist RJ Bayley and Niall Heseltine are back to discuss the sequel to Thor. Can it hold up against the original’s fish out of water comedy? Does Christopher Ecclestone deliver anywhere near a decent villain? What exactly is the “ether”? Find out in this episode of the Marvel Vs. DC Movie Mash-Up podcast.

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Why is he hitting the floor with the hand of his hammer?

Why is he hitting the floor with the handle of his hammer?

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Agents of SHIELD

You wanted it, and luckily by coincidence its necessary as the previous episode was part one of this episode, so here it is, the frankly much-longer-than-anticipated and mammoth second and concluding part of The Golden Age of Television. 

The Film Corps, RJ Bayley and Scott Forrest take you onto the shooting range of media mentorship, picking up where we left off with the Green Arrow show Arrow and look at

  • How the current state of television utilizes different formats of delivery made possible through advancing technology
  • The possibly groundbreaking artistic integrity of Breaking Bad
  • The real reason why ‘split-seasons exist’
  • A new plebgate instigated by Scott
  • Conspiracy theories revolving around (Leslie) Nielson ratings
  • The homogenization of media intake
  • The meaning of the word ‘Megadeath‘ and why Dave Mustaine chose a mispelling of that word as his band name
  • RJ Bayley accusing Scott of deliberately contracting cancer
  • The tradition of Christmas TV scheduling being eroded by VOD
  • Anthony Hopkins milking himself
  • and allegedly K-Pax allegedly falling over onto an alleged mirror covered in rows of alleged talcum powder while allegedly mistaking a rolled up note of currency which he allegedly accidentally put up his nose as he fell onto said alleged talcum powder with RJ Bayley’s alleged friend.

And with that menu, what do you have to resist? Tune into the concluding episode of The Golden Age of Television.


Hitchcock-posterI was expecting something rather more…sordid than Hitchcock. The BBC/HBO film The Girl, about director Alfred Hitchcock’s obsession with star of The Birds Tippi Hedren is a dark examination of a depressed, unsatisfied man and his fixation with glamour. As such I assumed Sacha Gervasi‘s Hitchcock, the story of the making of legendary horror Psycho (1960) would approach the man in a similar way. In actuality Hitchcock is a rather bright and breezy affair that isn’t about the director himself, more the troubles of getting the iconic project off the ground. (more…)