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Captain America: is he a giant?

Captain America: is he a giant?

Assemble round your speakers friends, we’ve reached the end of phase one of the Marvel Screen Universe, and the end of an era, really. Film writer Niall ‘before Zod’ Heseltine, and myself, film critic and radio host, RJ Bayley have arrived at the film our childhood selves never thought we’d live to see: Avengers Assemble: Not to be Confused with The Avengers Starring Patrick Macnee.

We discuss the spoilerific menu screen of the Blu-ray, how many times we saw it, why the characters keep taking their hats off and the stunning visuals of the movie, among other things!

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R.I.P. big man.

R.I.P. big man.

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Go on, treat yourself. On us.

Go on, treat yourself. On us.

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Film critic/radio host RJ Bayley and film writer Niall ‘Before Zod’ Heseltine return for an in-depth review of Steve Rogers first film in the Marvel Screen Universe (formerly the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that didn’t account for the TV shows, DID IT??).

Where did the spangly man in Avengers: Age of Ultron get his start? With quite a lot of ease, actually.

Up for discusson are Captain America’s particularly intricate clothing instructions, Red Skull’s employment choices of soldiers and architects, Hellraising Hollywood drinkers and Once Direction losing their member.

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Squeal for the Beard of Niall.

Squeal for the Beard of Niall.

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Look at that. That's a sexy steelbook. Buy the sexy steelbook via Goats In The Machine.

Look at that. That’s a sexy steelbook. Buy the sexy steelbook via Goats In The Machine.

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Iron Man 2 poster

RJ Bayley and Niall ‘before Zod’ Heseltine are joined once more by their regular-but-not-regular-enough-to-be-in-the-intro cohort Jon Seymour to discuss Iron Man 2.

Is Stark’s second outing unfairly maligned as an inferior superhero flick. What do people in the know call the Marvel Cinematic Universe these day? What is RJB willing to do to show his admiration for RDJ? Where do the real roots of Whiplash lie?

Find out all this and more in the latest Marvel Vs. DC Movie Mash-Up.

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Niall signing his film column for adoring phan RJ Bayley.

Niall signing his film column for adoring phan RJ Bayley.

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Buy through this Amazon link, I get a commission to pay for podcast hosting costs, you don't pay any extra.

Buy through this Amazon link, I get a commission to pay for podcast hosting costs, you don’t pay any extra.

Iron Man 1-3 Complete Collection [Blu-ray]

What’s with all this post-death costume business? I hope its something he symbolically ditches after he teaches S.H.I.E.L.D. a lesson, which he clearly will.


Its not a lot, but at least we get to see it’s head. Looks like it’ll thankfully be a classic comic look, and suggests he’s made out of Iron Man technology.



Goats In The Machine is very proud to have taken up the gauntlet of the Marvel Vs. DC Movie Mash-UpJoining RJ Bayley on this super-heroic quest is new official Goat Niall Heseltine. 

The aim of the Marvel Vs. DC Movie Mash-Up is to take a look at nearly all of the cinematic representations of Superman and Batman (prior to DC staking its claim on a unified cinematic universe for its characters with Man of Steel) alongside Marvel’s pre-existing cinematic universe, from ‘Iron Man’ through to Age of Ultron. The whole thing will then culminate with the untitled Superman/Batman film in 2015.

The project is the brainchild of podfathers Chris Sykes and Bill Lawerence (you can visit their blog All of Whine and Space), who have compiled the following list:


The Protoype2012 was a special year for fans of genre and franchise cinema. Sam Mendes gave us the appropriately excellent Bond adventure Skyfall for the secret agent’s 50th anniversary. Christopher Nolan made it a hat-trick and finished off his Batman trilogy with the stunning The Dark Knight Rises. Karl Urban delivered a rendition of The Law all comic fans were waiting for with the reassuringly violent Dredd. We were also treated to a return visit to Middle-Earth by the man who took us there in the first place via The Hobbit. And perhaps the most nerdgasm inducing of them all; that which I thought I’d never see on the silver screen, a cohesive (not to mention brilliant) comic-book universe culminating in the joyous Avengers Assemble.

But it wasn’t just good news for the superhero fans, the horror fans were well catered for too. Horror studio and British institution Hammer continued it’s triumphant resurrection with the rightly praised The Woman in Black. Tim Burton got back on form with the flawless Frankenweenie. Ridley Scott went back to the future with the retro Prometheus and Drew Goddard almost re-invented the horror-show with the showstopping The Cabin In The Woods.

Also there was blogger Louise Boyd’s must see horror of the year, Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead.

But now we’ve survived apocalypse and will soon be into Twelve Months of Terror then what have we got to look forward to?

Below are the trailers that have got Goats in the Machine most intrigued to see the films they’re flogging. (more…)