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Iron Man doing a poo in the sea.

Iron Man doing a poo in the sea.

We’re back! Sorry for the increasing delay between episodes. I’ve been asked to do 3 hours instead of 2 for the RJ Bayley Rock Show on 98.8 Castle FM in Edinburgh (7 – 10PM, listen online here) as well as preparing to do a live music night. That’ll be Monthly Metal, every month some live metal, broadcast on 98.8 Castle FM, at the Banshee Labyrinth in Edinburgh, or, if you’re American, Edinborrow. Next one is 29th of Feb folks, come along, say hello, don’t bellow obscenities down the microphone every two minutes making the audio unusable for broadcast.

On the note of music, (“note“!) there’s 10 minutes of our kazoo version of the Iron Man song by Black Sabbath at the start of this podcast. I said I’d loop it for 10 minutes at the start, so I did. Don’t skip it. That’s art.

Thanks for sticking with us.

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Lego Iron Man doing a poo in the sea.

Lego Iron Man doing a poo in the sea.

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Best lyrics of the year: “The blood runs free, the rain turns red, give me the wine, you keep the bread”.
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