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If you ever wondered what Fred Durst looked like with a Harley Morenstein beard, now you know.

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popcorn horror2

Like all good horror movie monsters, Popcorn Horror has risen once again, stronger and more imposing than it was ever before.

I had been hoping to write this post a month ago when Popcorn Horror first relaunched but its been a fairly heavy writing/recording schedule.

For me there is something a little bittersweet about this new iteration of the pioneering platform that is Popcorn Horror. I’ve always been a fan of their mobile based delivery system for grassroots, independent horror films. It kept me more entertained on the bus back my last workplace than Youtube ever could and it genuinely supported up and coming film makers in a genre I am passionate about. (more…)


Gobble, Gobble melon farmers! Here we are (again) to rock you like a hurricane (again).

This month Twelve Months of Terror/#HASHTAGTMOT sets the table for something bright and breezy, cheap and cheerful.

Since we’re British and we don’t get the chance to have two cracks at the turkey in a year, we’ve taken this opportunity to experience a little bit of the great American Thanksgiving, following up our Pumpkinhead pie by letting the Turkie have a crack at us. (more…)

This frankly very well thought out Guest post is by comediac Phil MasonYou can read his ace blog The Housebroken Geek and follow him on Twitter.  And by can I mean should.


Pumkinhead. Over 10 feet of unstoppable demonic fury & vengeance. Summoned by infernal dark magics, his only purpose is reaping terrible bloody vengeance on the living. With tooth & claw he stalks the land, unrelenting, unstoppable. If you look into his cold reptilian eyes there is no mercy, no pity, only your slow agonising death.



Pronounced "Animal Tricks"

Pronounced “Animal Tricks”

Goats In The Machine returns to All of Whine and Space’s re-evaluation of The Matrix trilogy, this time looking at the spin-off anthology film, The Animatrix.

In this hour-and-a-bit long episode Louise Boyd and RJ Bayley turn their eyes towards the nine different installments and pass judgement on their art direction, themes, and where they fit into the greater Matrix universe. Which is the best? Which is the worst? Which one’s direction do we find disturbing? And which one’s were clearly influenced by Lance Armstrong?

Not too long ago I used to be sub-editor and chief film writer of Culture Bomb magazine and website. I wrote two columns, Private Movie Screaming in which I looked at elements of cinema or a movie which made me particularly passionate, and Cultimate Edition, which looked at a cult movie each month. I also wrote film reviews, and the odd bit of game discussion and music commentary.

Sadly though, all good things must come to an end and Culture Bomb is no longer operating in the same capacity it once was.


I have, however, been given kind permission by the former editor to re-publish my work from Culture Bomb on my blog, and so to give what I’ve poured a fairly hefty chunk of time into a home, I’ll be doing so.

From time to time I’ll be posting something from the archives of the website and magazine which I wrote in times of yore. They’ll pop up on a regular basis and be of varying format and length, whatever I feel like dredging up at the time. If you haven’t read them before I hope you enjoy them.



In part of All of Whine & Space‘s celebration of the 10 year anniversary of The Matrix Trilogy ending we’re taking part in The Matrix Re-Evaluated.

Part 2 takes in, as you might have guessed from the titled, The Matrix ReloadedCome with us on an aggressive, shouty show which explores a movie which provoked RJ Bayley into drinking at 10AM and having a headache for a week.

We also muse on exactly how long those action scenes really need to be, are they really all that inventive, Louise’s ‘snot-on-the-brain’ and whether that dance scene really was as awful as everyone makes out.

Ronnie James Dio must have had the most consistently face-punchingly awesome voices in music history. R.I.P. R.J.D. \m/


Well, they did call it National Socialism

Well, they did call it National Socialism

As part of 12 Months of Terror, Phil Mason returns to look at the confusing ideologies of the Nazi Zombies inspired by Dead Snow.

There’s one thing that really bothers me about Nazi Zombies…Well, other than the shambling groaning trying to eat my face thing. Where exactly do they fit with their whole socialist agenda?

As I’m sure/hope you are aware Nazism is a variety of fascism that incorporates biological racism & Anti-Semitism. It claims that an Aryan race was superior to all other races, blonde hair & blue eyes. So tell me, where exactly do Nazi Zombies fit into that ideology?