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This piece was first published on Thursday, May 19th, 2011, in Culture Bomb ~

I am very interested in mythology, be it Norse Pantheon, Christianity, Greek Pantheon, Hinduism, Traditional Beliefs (such as those found in Lesotho or Tanzania) or Satanism. I guess this came from a combination of things; awesome mythological stories such as The Illiad or the Sundara Kanda and my complete lack of understanding of people’s belief in it. I suppose I also fear mythology and what it has done, and as Carmine Falcone said, you always fear what you don’t understand. Furthermore, as horror movies/games/books have taught us, we are also fascinated by what we fear.

However, when talking with friends regarding the themes I’d want to see in a mature videogame, the topic arose that this might be a problematic tale to tell, especially if one were to use a ‘real’ god as the antagonist. I was inspired by the Nepalese take on this Hindu Goddess from the ferocious statues of her in Kathmandu not to mention the goats tied to the blood-stained altars before them. Here is a picture I took:

I think you’ll agree, pretty damn scary, what with the several limbs grasping severed heads, a hand, a sword and the whole thing stood on a corpse. (more…)

Resurrection poster

It’s Easter time and you know what time means; yep, its time to indulge in that family favourite tradition of murdering strangers and taking their body parts to reconstruct Christ.

Goats In The Machine pays tribute to day we remember when Geysus Christ rose from the grave and stalked the earth again with its film commentary of Resurrection.

In this month’s webcast we compare the acting of Christopher Lambert to Leland Orser, ask how prepared the police really are to deal with decapitated fat people on toilets and question whether the sight of a Christ muti-corpse really dissaudes American distributors.

So gather the family around, put the German second-hand DVD on and celebrate a more believable kind of Resurrection with Louise Boyd and RJ Bayley. (more…)