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This wasn’t on the list? Was it? Was it?? No. It wasn’t. But when the list was made we didn’t know that Daredevil, the man without fear, would be joining his other superhero chums in the Marvel Screen Universe (I’m going to start using this term now due to all the TV projects).  However, now it’s been formally announced that Matt Murdock will return in a Netflix series, so we thought it only appropriate to spin back to 2003 to look at Hornhead when the idea of a shared screen universe was only the fevered dreams of fanboys everywhere.



Goats In The Machine and Forrestfire Productions are proud to involuntarily enlist you in a brand new web-casting show from the makers of Twelve Months Of Terror.

Film writer and critic RJ Bayley is joined by director, writer and photographer Scott Forrest, who together lead the Film Corps. This unique and never before attempted combination of both film maker and critic (as far as they are aware) means all your bases are covered when it comes to your training in the dangerous world of film.

They even have the greatest theme tune ever recorded.

In this first episode they give a bracing overview of a subgenre very close to their hearts, the superhero movie. Suit up and prepare to receive top notch intel on the history of the genre, landmark films in it, innovations its brought about, and just where we think its headed.

Prepare to enroll in the Film Corps.