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We have a guaranteed treat for you this episode. We can assure you this because it was a real treat for us to record with the treat himself. On this special Superman Returns  episode we bring you the source of all Superman on the internet, Matt Daly, AKA the lord of Eyes Skyward. Join us as we talk through the past movies of this project with an expert, get into heated Batman Vs. Superman battles, and discuss this oddity of a Superman film with three bona fide superherologists.


Dirty Riddler, DIRTY!

Dirty Riddler, DIRTY!

Before you listen to this, I’d like you to bear in mind that for Niall and my last podcast in this series, I was awarded “Podcast Quote of 2014 by internet superhero mogul, Eyes Skyward.

I think I was taking Batman Forever as seriously as Joel Schumacher was taking the Batman franchise during the making of this podcast. To be fair to myself, and to a lesser extent Niall (but only because he was drunk to a lesser extent than me) needed an awful lot of alcohol to get through this movie.


Batman poster

Such a sudden increase in quality from Superman IV: The Quest for Piss has literally given regular hosts Niall and I whiplash. To help us deal with this debilitating injury we’ve drafted in the Film Corps’ Scott Forrest to take up our slack.

Christopher_Reeve_SupermanYou’d be hard pushed say that anything other than Superman or Superman II is the ultimate superhero film, or that anyone else epitomizes the cinematic superhero more than Christopher Reeve.

So its with no reverence whatsoever that RJ Bayley and Niall Heseltine tackle these simultaneously filmed films simultaneously in this month’s episode of the Marvel Vs. DC Movie Mash-Up.

Why eschew the theatrical release of Superman II in favour of the Donner Kebab? Well Richard Donner, the most criminally under-appreciated man in Hollywood this side of Tom Savini, was booted off the production by alleged absolute arseholes the Salkinds, and replaced with the hack Richard Lester. Lester re-shot huge amounts of Donner’s footage, while making sure to inject some awful sight gags and slapstick into the proceedings. So really, Superman II is Donner’s film, but one that was bastardised before release.

Luckily The Internet had the sense to bully Warner Brothers into allowing Donner to come and cobble together a version of the movie as close to his vision as possible. So we have Superman II: The Donner Kebab, which, despite its now bizarre ending, is to be be considered the ‘proper’ Superman II.

In this show we tackle questions and ideas about these two cinematic landmarks such as:

Is Gene Hackman doing his job as an actor if he refuses to shave his head for a role?

  • A startling realization by RJ Bayley about what Lois Lane‘s underwear must be constructed of.
  • Do the special effects hold up after all this time?
  • What key changes did Lester make to Donner’s film?
  • And a shocking and revolutionary about the very nature of Superman by RJ Bayley which will probably come back to regularly haunt Niall.

Hear our answers, ruminations and more in our latest episode, Superman & Superman II: The Donner Kebab.



Goats In The Machine returns to the Marvel Vs. DC Movie Mash-Up project with our second installment on Batman. Regular hosts Niall Heseltine and RJ Bayley are joined by #TMOT regular Louise Boyd to pick apart this most non-Nolan of Bat-pictures.

We discuss just who the best villain is and whether or not Cesar Romero really deserves his reputation as a great screen villain. We question if the tone is woefully inadequate given the film’s source material or whether it perfectly fits the bizarre circumstances and just what the hell the plot is supposed to be for the first half of the movie.