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When you go into a shop that sells movies, and you ask for a film that meets a certain criteria, you should be met with two responses:

  1. “Ahh yes, I can suggest a couple of titles that should fit that bill”.
  2. “No, but I can show you someone who works here that’s something of a horror expert, and they’ll be able to help you out”.

In my earlier reviewing days I walked into an HMV with just such a criteria that needed filling. I needed to get a horror film that fit the site’s weekly theme, and this theme was “horror films featuring a  villain that seduces someone/people”. When walking into the HMV and asking for a film that met this I was met with “I don’t know” followed by a silent, telepathic “because I know nothing about the products I am selling”. And this wasn’t just the once. There are numerous times I’ve asked for such advice, every one met with absolutely no knowledge of the section the staff are working in.


*This review contains spoiled memories.

Semi-truthful poster: The Kremlin is not featured in this movie. However all the characters are 2D.

The latest installment in the Die Hard franchise is a complete disaster from start to finish, a delirious cocktail of insulting, lazy, stupid, pitiable and boring. It is, as Hitchcock would say, stillborn.

What’s wrong with A Bad Day for Die Hard? Well, to begin with, Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis doesn’t care anymore. Bruce Willis isn’t playing John McClane anymore because John McClane is full of little ticks and characterful movements. He’s got all these cool little facial expressions on his rather expressive face. He’s a very physical action hero, always running around, diving across tables and crawling through air-ducts. In A Good Day To Die Hard Bruce Willis plays a man who just stands about and smirks. Sometimes he jogs.  (more…)