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It doesn’t seem a long time since Bryan Singer tried to reestablish the cinematic adventures of Clark Kent with Superman Returns. Maybe it hasn’t been, depends if you think 7 years is a long time ago. Maybe I don’t see it as that long ago because I really like Superman Returns. I’m fully aware though that a large proportion of cinema-goers, in these more not-the-70s times wanted something a little more punchy in their Superman movie.

And so we have Man of Steelthe first true reboot of Superman as a cinematic property.

Yes, Man of Steel is an origin story but one that, unlike the recent The Amazing Spider-Man, makes plenty of significant and valid deviations from its predecessor to validate its existence.

Immediately the most striking deviation from the original Superman: The Movie is its depiction of Krypton. What was a prelude in the 1978 original has a story all its own. We spend a significant amount of time on Superman’s home planet, and we fully explore the politics of the world  that were only hinted at before.  (more…)








MoS poster 2
First time I saw the initial Man of Steel trailer I had mixed feelings. I have absolutely no problem with adding some grit and grime to a superhero, regardless of who they are, so seeing this offered an interesting new cinematic spin on the last son of Krypton.

On the other hand both it’s title (using a hero’s nom de guerre’s nom de guerre as the film’s title) and it’s tone and colour palette seemed to be overly reliant on The Dark Knight to find appeal.

Having watched this though I feel a sense of relief and unexpected excitement. Yes, it has a similar palate to The Dark Knight Trilogy (and let’s be honest, this will almost definitely be the start of its own trilogy) but it features a cavalcade of arresting imagery that calls to mind some classic comic book moments. This mixture of weight and super-heroic sensibilities seems me more reminding of the Iron Man films rather than the Batman series. (more…)