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You know the drill ladies and gentleman, you wait impossibly long for another Master Bates Motel podcast and eventually one turns up where we talk a load of nonsense around the subject. We’ll try to be quicker with the next we promise. We’ve just had an awful lot on. SOZZA.



As if one collaboration with a pod-powerhouse at All of Whine and Space wasn’t enough, here comes the follow-up! This time we’re joined by the other half of the Podfathers and we’re looking at a film altogether more subdued than the last one. Indeed Devil’s Knot may slip into and out of cinemas without you even realising it. It may, however, be right up your ally. Is Devil’s Knot worth seeking out? Louise Boyd and I discuss this and the wider implications of the death penalty and our feelings towards it (inevitable really) with the man simply known as Bill.  Only his warmth, wit and political knowledge could lead to a podcast with the cinematic and moral quality as this.

Sit back, relax, and take a trip down south with us to Devil’s Knot.




This wasn’t on the list? Was it? Was it?? No. It wasn’t. But when the list was made we didn’t know that Daredevil, the man without fear, would be joining his other superhero chums in the Marvel Screen Universe (I’m going to start using this term now due to all the TV projects).  However, now it’s been formally announced that Matt Murdock will return in a Netflix series, so we thought it only appropriate to spin back to 2003 to look at Hornhead when the idea of a shared screen universe was only the fevered dreams of fanboys everywhere.


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In this episode of Master Bates Motel Loyd’s World of the Weird section grows in even more dominant as we discuss some of the more wondrously bizarre things our world has to offer with casual disdain. Don’t worry Master Baters though, there’s plenty of Bates Motel action as we discuss episode 4 of the first series, exploring Norma’s revelation about Norman’s psyche, Bradley Manning’s misuse of milkshake, and Norman finally getting his sexy on. (more…)


We’re back for episode 2 of our Bates Motel podcast. Louise treats us to her new segment World of the Weird, and we discuss parents being naked – what is there more to say really? Give it a download!



From the reprobates that brought you a whole Twelve Months of Terror comes their whole new saga of horror.





Eleven down, one to go. Twelve Months of Terror is nearly at an end and I take absolutely no pleasure in saying that. But then if you’re leaving wanting more, that’s only a good sign, isn’t it?

As a little filling between your Thanksgiving ThanksKilling Turkie and Christmas Silent Night, Deadly Night turkey, here’s some high-res art you can print off and slap on your wall as a part of, and then soon after, memento of the shock-til-you-drop post-apocalyptic podcasting project that is Goats In The Machine’s Twelve Months of Terror. (more…)


Gobble, Gobble melon farmers! Here we are (again) to rock you like a hurricane (again).

This month Twelve Months of Terror/#HASHTAGTMOT sets the table for something bright and breezy, cheap and cheerful.

Since we’re British and we don’t get the chance to have two cracks at the turkey in a year, we’ve taken this opportunity to experience a little bit of the great American Thanksgiving, following up our Pumpkinhead pie by letting the Turkie have a crack at us. (more…)


Well here it is, Goats In The Machine’s long-in-the-coming look at the Leprechaun sequels, namely Leprechaun 2, Leprechaun 3, Leprechaun 4: In SpaceLeprechaun 5: In the Hood and Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood.

In the name of continuity, and frankly to make the whole experience less painful, Louise Boyd and I are compelled to follow the format of our original Leprechaun episode; namely drinking profusely throughout the the show. Before long we’re hurtling down a whisky greased and  beer lubricated chute towards oblivion, taking pot-shots at all installments of arguably the worst long-running horror franchise.