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Because making the poster anything less than full size wouldn't do justice to the movie.

A specific win. (click to make it go BIG, or if your system unexpectedly crashes, extinct)

If you come out of Pacific Rim thinking its stupid, what were you expecting? An insight into the human condition? If you went into Pacific Rim thinking anything of the kind, then there’s only one stupid element in that situation, and it isn’t Pacific Rim.

However, if you go into Pacific Rim under the assumption that you are going to get a movie about enormous robots having enormous fights with enormous aliens, then that is what you will get. And get it you will, in spades.

You want deep characters? Okay, how about that moment when the giant mech ‘Gipsy Danger’ grabs a massive, slobbering alien by the head, winds up for a punch, but then rockets come out of its elbow and the giant robot rocket punches the massive, slobbering alien in the face?

There you go. Have that. There’s your “deep characters”. Puss.

Flight-poster-1Let’s get this straight, Flight is a film in which the most nerve-shredding, dramatic part is at the start of the movie? No.

What is true is there is there is a spectacular sequence in which the excellently named Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington) manages to roll a nose diving passenger jet before flying it upside down and righting it just before a crash-landing. But it isn’t the most dramatic or powerful section of the film.