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Note: This is a re-dated & re-posted previous piece, so it fits in chronologically with the Marvel Vs. DC Movie Mash-Up Project. You’ll have to search 13 entries down to find this actual podcast though on your podcatcher.

Guardians of the Galaxy walkman poster

Unlike the previous one-off review of Devil’s Knot, there’s been almost no hype or promotion of the small movie based on the blockbuster, well known comic book Guardians of the Galaxy. So, in an effort to shed a spotlight on the little known films that don’t get much oxygen of publicity, Niall ‘Before Zod’ Heseltine, the currently mute Jon Seymour, and myself have sought out this little flick and offer our opinions on it.


Every single person's response to the situation around them in this poster is confusing.

Every single person’s response to the situation around them in this poster is confusing.

The start of this podcast sounds amazing because it was recorded on a brand new very expensive mic. I neglected, however, to check how full the memory card was, so the latter half sounds dreadful due to it being the backup recorded on Niall’s phone. But hey, a backup is better than nothing, right?
Stick with us though as we get into some pretty meaty philosophical and moral questions that the film poses and we’re both pretty damn pleased with the quality of discourse in this one, if not the sound. Enjoy.

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Look both ways before crossing the path of Hydra.

Look both ways before crossing the path of Hydra.

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Broadcaster and journalist RJ Bayley and Niall Heseltine are back to discuss the sequel to Thor. Can it hold up against the original’s fish out of water comedy? Does Christopher Ecclestone deliver anywhere near a decent villain? What exactly is the “ether”? Find out in this episode of the Marvel Vs. DC Movie Mash-Up podcast.

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Why is he hitting the floor with the hand of his hammer?

Why is he hitting the floor with the handle of his hammer?

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Broadcaster and film critic RJ Bayley and writer Niall ‘before Zod’ Heseltine return to tell you all about how Man of Steel doesn’t deserve the bad rep it’s been blasted with. Is a film that’s all flashy violence such a bad thing when the flashy violence is so good? Do they put Superman in such a position where the controversial final act is the only reasonable course of action? Find out in this podcast, which does not contain a ten minute kazoo intro.

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That's a nice box design isn't it? Just buy it for the box design.

That’s a nice box design isn’t it? Just buy it for the box design.


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This is the big one. It’s been a while coming but here we are. The Marvel Vs. DC Movie Mash-Up arrives at arguably the most iconic Batman movie of them all, Chris Nolan’s epic The Dark Knight. Batfan Jon Seymour once again joins ever present hosts Niall ‘before Zod’ Heseltine and myself, RJ Bayley, for a very long, very nerdy, very passionate chat about the second installment of the Dark Knight Trilogy. We cover the what was, what is, what may be and what might have been of this truly seminal superhero saga. This is fully indulgent Bat fandom, so tuck in.


Batesbanner (1)

You know the drill ladies and gentleman, you wait impossibly long for another Master Bates Motel podcast and eventually one turns up where we talk a load of nonsense around the subject. We’ll try to be quicker with the next we promise. We’ve just had an awful lot on. SOZZA.



Niall “before Zod” Heseltine and RJ Bayley take an unsteady step into the second Marvel Screen Universe outing, The Incredible Hulk. We discuss Marvel’s early unease at distancing themselves from the Ang Lee film Hulk, who is the most handsome of men, and I drink so many fizzy drinks I set a podcast record for belching and feel very sick by the end. So if you’re playing the now omnipresent Goats In The Machine Gaseous Expulsion Drinking Game then boy are you going to be wasted by the end of this show!



As if one collaboration with a pod-powerhouse at All of Whine and Space wasn’t enough, here comes the follow-up! This time we’re joined by the other half of the Podfathers and we’re looking at a film altogether more subdued than the last one. Indeed Devil’s Knot may slip into and out of cinemas without you even realising it. It may, however, be right up your ally. Is Devil’s Knot worth seeking out? Louise Boyd and I discuss this and the wider implications of the death penalty and our feelings towards it (inevitable really) with the man simply known as Bill.  Only his warmth, wit and political knowledge could lead to a podcast with the cinematic and moral quality as this.

Sit back, relax, and take a trip down south with us to Devil’s Knot.


Metal on metal action

Metal on metal action

In the true ethos of Goats In The Machine (behave as much like a goat if it were human as possible) Marvel Vs. DC cohort Niall ‘before Zod’ Heseltine decided to make a long overdue X-Men: Days of Future Past debrief at Edinburgh’s Castle Arms into an impromptu podcast.

Part one of the inaugural Pubcast is entirely spoiler free, so listen with impunity for our superherologist views on the latest X-Adventure. In it we also invent an entirely new beer based rating system for movies that is probably going to become the industry standard for film scoring.



After over a year of anticipation and tense build up, it’s finally here. Yes, that’s right, Goats In The Machine has joined forces with All of Whine and Space. 

To mark this clash of gigantic podcasting monsters we’re reviewing a film that features the repeated clashing of actual gigantic monsters, this year’s Hollywood stab at the Japanese legend, Godzilla. Join Chris and I for a look at the history of the monster, along with a bizarrely nostalgic look at the 1998 attempt and a discussion of one of the most killer trailers we ever saw in this indulgent and monstrous review.