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Note: This is a re-dated & re-posted previous piece, so it fits in chronologically with the Marvel Vs. DC Movie Mash-Up Project. You’ll have to search 13 entries down to find this actual podcast though on your podcatcher.

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Unlike the previous one-off review of Devil’s Knot, there’s been almost no hype or promotion of the small movie based on the blockbuster, well known comic book Guardians of the Galaxy. So, in an effort to shed a spotlight on the little known films that don’t get much oxygen of publicity, Niall ‘Before Zod’ Heseltine, the currently mute Jon Seymour, and myself have sought out this little flick and offer our opinions on it.



Broadcaster and film critic RJ Bayley and writer Niall ‘before Zod’ Heseltine return to tell you all about how Man of Steel doesn’t deserve the bad rep it’s been blasted with. Is a film that’s all flashy violence such a bad thing when the flashy violence is so good? Do they put Superman in such a position where the controversial final act is the only reasonable course of action? Find out in this podcast, which does not contain a ten minute kazoo intro.

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That's a nice box design isn't it? Just buy it for the box design.

That’s a nice box design isn’t it? Just buy it for the box design.


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Captain America: is he a giant?

Captain America: is he a giant?

Assemble round your speakers friends, we’ve reached the end of phase one of the Marvel Screen Universe, and the end of an era, really. Film writer Niall ‘before Zod’ Heseltine, and myself, film critic and radio host, RJ Bayley have arrived at the film our childhood selves never thought we’d live to see: Avengers Assemble: Not to be Confused with The Avengers Starring Patrick Macnee.

We discuss the spoilerific menu screen of the Blu-ray, how many times we saw it, why the characters keep taking their hats off and the stunning visuals of the movie, among other things!

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R.I.P. big man.

R.I.P. big man.

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Go on, treat yourself. On us.

Go on, treat yourself. On us.

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Film critic/radio host RJ Bayley and film writer Niall ‘Before Zod’ Heseltine return for an in-depth review of Steve Rogers first film in the Marvel Screen Universe (formerly the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that didn’t account for the TV shows, DID IT??).

Where did the spangly man in Avengers: Age of Ultron get his start? With quite a lot of ease, actually.

Up for discusson are Captain America’s particularly intricate clothing instructions, Red Skull’s employment choices of soldiers and architects, Hellraising Hollywood drinkers and Once Direction losing their member.

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Squeal for the Beard of Niall.

Squeal for the Beard of Niall.

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Look at that. That's a sexy steelbook. Buy the sexy steelbook via Goats In The Machine.

Look at that. That’s a sexy steelbook. Buy the sexy steelbook via Goats In The Machine.

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RJ Bayley and Niall ‘before Zod’ Heseltine are joined once more by their regular-but-not-regular-enough-to-be-in-the-intro cohort Jon Seymour to discuss Iron Man 2.

Is Stark’s second outing unfairly maligned as an inferior superhero flick. What do people in the know call the Marvel Cinematic Universe these day? What is RJB willing to do to show his admiration for RDJ? Where do the real roots of Whiplash lie?

Find out all this and more in the latest Marvel Vs. DC Movie Mash-Up.

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Niall signing his film column for adoring phan RJ Bayley.

Niall signing his film column for adoring phan RJ Bayley.

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Buy through this Amazon link, I get a commission to pay for podcast hosting costs, you don't pay any extra.

Buy through this Amazon link, I get a commission to pay for podcast hosting costs, you don’t pay any extra.

Iron Man 1-3 Complete Collection [Blu-ray]


This is the big one. It’s been a while coming but here we are. The Marvel Vs. DC Movie Mash-Up arrives at arguably the most iconic Batman movie of them all, Chris Nolan’s epic The Dark Knight. Batfan Jon Seymour once again joins ever present hosts Niall ‘before Zod’ Heseltine and myself, RJ Bayley, for a very long, very nerdy, very passionate chat about the second installment of the Dark Knight Trilogy. We cover the what was, what is, what may be and what might have been of this truly seminal superhero saga. This is fully indulgent Bat fandom, so tuck in.


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You know the drill ladies and gentleman, you wait impossibly long for another Master Bates Motel podcast and eventually one turns up where we talk a load of nonsense around the subject. We’ll try to be quicker with the next we promise. We’ve just had an awful lot on. SOZZA.



Niall “before Zod” Heseltine and RJ Bayley take an unsteady step into the second Marvel Screen Universe outing, The Incredible Hulk. We discuss Marvel’s early unease at distancing themselves from the Ang Lee film Hulk, who is the most handsome of men, and I drink so many fizzy drinks I set a podcast record for belching and feel very sick by the end. So if you’re playing the now omnipresent Goats In The Machine Gaseous Expulsion Drinking Game then boy are you going to be wasted by the end of this show!



A mere 10 films in and we finally made it. We’ve finally arrived at the first film in what known back then as a Marvel Cinematic Universe (now better described as the Marvel Screen Universe). In this episode we remind ourselves of just how good the original really was, and I come up with a super-theory of just why Tony Stark is so bleeding intelligent.



As if one collaboration with a pod-powerhouse at All of Whine and Space wasn’t enough, here comes the follow-up! This time we’re joined by the other half of the Podfathers and we’re looking at a film altogether more subdued than the last one. Indeed Devil’s Knot may slip into and out of cinemas without you even realising it. It may, however, be right up your ally. Is Devil’s Knot worth seeking out? Louise Boyd and I discuss this and the wider implications of the death penalty and our feelings towards it (inevitable really) with the man simply known as Bill.  Only his warmth, wit and political knowledge could lead to a podcast with the cinematic and moral quality as this.

Sit back, relax, and take a trip down south with us to Devil’s Knot.