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Deadly Ground logo bw

Deadly Ground* is a short film noir thriller, set in modern day Scotland.

Rick (Jamie Forrest) and Eve (Jamie Melrose) are a young couple of thieves, skilled at stealing money from white collar criminals and living on the run. They’re hired by Mack (David West); an underground journalist to steal incriminating documents from a slimy businessman; Sinclair (Mark Wood). In doing so, they attract the attention of the mysterious Murnau (Nick Cheales).


Here’s a great looking little short film that needs your help.

This film has nothing to do with Goats In The Machine, so don’t worry, I’m not just canvassing you good people to give me some money for a short film.

What I am doing is canvassing you good people to give  some money to the David Martin and the production crew behind this short film.

Like to look at it? Chuck some money their way; its worth it for the perks alone!