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This is the big one. It’s been a while coming but here we are. The Marvel Vs. DC Movie Mash-Up arrives at arguably the most iconic Batman movie of them all, Chris Nolan’s epic The Dark Knight. Batfan Jon Seymour once again joins ever present hosts Niall ‘before Zod’ Heseltine and myself, RJ Bayley, for a very long, very nerdy, very passionate chat about the second installment of the Dark Knight Trilogy. We cover the what was, what is, what may be and what might have been of this truly seminal superhero saga. This is fully indulgent Bat fandom, so tuck in.


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If you ever wondered what Fred Durst looked like with a Harley Morenstein beard, now you know.

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In part of All of Whine & Space‘s celebration of the 10 year anniversary of The Matrix Trilogy ending we’re taking part in The Matrix Re-Evaluated.

Part 2 takes in, as you might have guessed from the titled, The Matrix ReloadedCome with us on an aggressive, shouty show which explores a movie which provoked RJ Bayley into drinking at 10AM and having a headache for a week.

We also muse on exactly how long those action scenes really need to be, are they really all that inventive, Louise’s ‘snot-on-the-brain’ and whether that dance scene really was as awful as everyone makes out.

The Matrix. May Tricks. We're releasing this in May.

The Matrix. May Tricks. We’re releasing this in May.

Its been a ten long years since The Matrix trilogy (and that Animatrix film, which was kind of part of it, but not really, otherwise it wouldn’t be referred to as a trilogy) and to celebrate we’re taking part in the All of Whine & Space project The Matrix Re-evaluated.

In this first episode we take a surprisingly intellectual look at a film that consists mostly of guns, leather and no emotions. This surprising intellectualism trots from how it reads as an Atheist text, and Simulation and Simulacra, to individual character accomplishment leading to ensemble problems and self-eating/repeating cultural patterns.


In the age of cloud computing, Google Glass, double time-reversal symmetry, the Higgs boson and modems, iTunes seems incredibly old hat as using the term old hat, doesn’t it? Search for the show you want, wait for it to download, drag it over to your iPod or other generic MP3 playa, then carry that file around with you on that iPod or other generic playa, only for it to sit there, taking up room on your device or in your pocket until you remove it and replace it with something else you want to listen when you can return to your desk to physically connect it to your laptop.

Its amazing what seemed so cutting edge not that long ago now appears impossibly dated. But then I have just been watching The Matrix.

What if I told you there was a an application, an “app” if you will, that lets you listen to your favourite internet radio, webcasts, podcasts and whatever-you-want-to-call-’ems from anywhere in the world by simply beaming them (yes, like in actual Star Trek) directly to your phone or PC? You don’t need to download it, transfer it, curse it when it skips and you can’t fix it until you go home again, or remove it. It goes onto your device, into your ears and leaves as soon as you don’t need it anymore like a ninja fart in a hurricane.

Well friends, that application (“app”) has a name. and that name is Stitcher.


Yes, Goats In The Machine is now on the best webcast platform there is. Without wanting to sound like a salesman, I have absolutely loved Stitcher for a long time and really believe its going to be bigger to iTunes; so I’m very, very pleased to be on it.

Goats In The Machine on Stitcher

You can access our show (and discover many other awesome ones like it, thanks to the brilliant ‘discover’ feature) on your desktop and on the go with the the Stitcher app.



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