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This piece was first published on Thursday, May 19th, 2011, in Culture Bomb ~

I am very interested in mythology, be it Norse Pantheon, Christianity, Greek Pantheon, Hinduism, Traditional Beliefs (such as those found in Lesotho or Tanzania) or Satanism. I guess this came from a combination of things; awesome mythological stories such as The Illiad or the Sundara Kanda and my complete lack of understanding of people’s belief in it. I suppose I also fear mythology and what it has done, and as Carmine Falcone said, you always fear what you don’t understand. Furthermore, as horror movies/games/books have taught us, we are also fascinated by what we fear.

However, when talking with friends regarding the themes I’d want to see in a mature videogame, the topic arose that this might be a problematic tale to tell, especially if one were to use a ‘real’ god as the antagonist. I was inspired by the Nepalese take on this Hindu Goddess from the ferocious statues of her in Kathmandu not to mention the goats tied to the blood-stained altars before them. Here is a picture I took:

I think you’ll agree, pretty damn scary, what with the several limbs grasping severed heads, a hand, a sword and the whole thing stood on a corpse. (more…)