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Bloody great adverts for it too.

Bloody great adverts for it too.

So. Here it is. The big one. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Broadcaster and film critic RJ Bayley and screen writer Niall ‘before Zod’ Heseltine give a suitably epic examination of the year’s biggest film. We delve into the fractured psychology of the caped crusader, why spectacle doesn’t come second to other aspects of movies, what makes one more compelling than the other, and how Zack Snyder is actually changing the language of cinema.
This podcast is choc full of spoilers from the start, but if you’re listening to this kind of podcast you’ve probably already seen the film haven’t you? Especially the kind of podcast that’s this long.

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Catching up on the DC Extended Universe is significantly easier than catching up on the Marvel equivalent.

Catching up on the DC Extended Universe is significantly easier than catching up on the Marvel equivalent.


Man of Steel [Blu-ray] – buy it through this Amazon Affiliate link, we get a commission and you pay no extra.


Broadcaster and film critic RJ Bayley and writer Niall ‘before Zod’ Heseltine return to tell you all about how Man of Steel doesn’t deserve the bad rep it’s been blasted with. Is a film that’s all flashy violence such a bad thing when the flashy violence is so good? Do they put Superman in such a position where the controversial final act is the only reasonable course of action? Find out in this podcast, which does not contain a ten minute kazoo intro.

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That's a nice box design isn't it? Just buy it for the box design.

That’s a nice box design isn’t it? Just buy it for the box design.


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Iron Man doing a poo in the sea.

Iron Man doing a poo in the sea.

We’re back! Sorry for the increasing delay between episodes. I’ve been asked to do 3 hours instead of 2 for the RJ Bayley Rock Show on 98.8 Castle FM in Edinburgh (7 – 10PM, listen online here) as well as preparing to do a live music night. That’ll be Monthly Metal, every month some live metal, broadcast on 98.8 Castle FM, at the Banshee Labyrinth in Edinburgh, or, if you’re American, Edinborrow. Next one is 29th of Feb folks, come along, say hello, don’t bellow obscenities down the microphone every two minutes making the audio unusable for broadcast.

On the note of music, (“note“!) there’s 10 minutes of our kazoo version of the Iron Man song by Black Sabbath at the start of this podcast. I said I’d loop it for 10 minutes at the start, so I did. Don’t skip it. That’s art.

Thanks for sticking with us.

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Lego Iron Man doing a poo in the sea.

Lego Iron Man doing a poo in the sea.

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dofp poster

The second part of Niall ‘Before Zod’ Heletine’s and my pubcast review of X-Men: Days of Future Past, this time full of spoilers, ineffectual bar presence and controversial, obnoxious and insulting opinions on Apple electronic products.

Find the first part of the X-Men: Days of Future Past Pubcast here.


Dirty Riddler, DIRTY!

Dirty Riddler, DIRTY!

Before you listen to this, I’d like you to bear in mind that for Niall and my last podcast in this series, I was awarded “Podcast Quote of 2014 by internet superhero mogul, Eyes Skyward.

I think I was taking Batman Forever as seriously as Joel Schumacher was taking the Batman franchise during the making of this podcast. To be fair to myself, and to a lesser extent Niall (but only because he was drunk to a lesser extent than me) needed an awful lot of alcohol to get through this movie.


Christopher_Reeve_SupermanYou’d be hard pushed say that anything other than Superman or Superman II is the ultimate superhero film, or that anyone else epitomizes the cinematic superhero more than Christopher Reeve.

So its with no reverence whatsoever that RJ Bayley and Niall Heseltine tackle these simultaneously filmed films simultaneously in this month’s episode of the Marvel Vs. DC Movie Mash-Up.

Why eschew the theatrical release of Superman II in favour of the Donner Kebab? Well Richard Donner, the most criminally under-appreciated man in Hollywood this side of Tom Savini, was booted off the production by alleged absolute arseholes the Salkinds, and replaced with the hack Richard Lester. Lester re-shot huge amounts of Donner’s footage, while making sure to inject some awful sight gags and slapstick into the proceedings. So really, Superman II is Donner’s film, but one that was bastardised before release.

Luckily The Internet had the sense to bully Warner Brothers into allowing Donner to come and cobble together a version of the movie as close to his vision as possible. So we have Superman II: The Donner Kebab, which, despite its now bizarre ending, is to be be considered the ‘proper’ Superman II.

In this show we tackle questions and ideas about these two cinematic landmarks such as:

Is Gene Hackman doing his job as an actor if he refuses to shave his head for a role?

  • A startling realization by RJ Bayley about what Lois Lane‘s underwear must be constructed of.
  • Do the special effects hold up after all this time?
  • What key changes did Lester make to Donner’s film?
  • And a shocking and revolutionary about the very nature of Superman by RJ Bayley which will probably come back to regularly haunt Niall.

Hear our answers, ruminations and more in our latest episode, Superman & Superman II: The Donner Kebab.



Goats In The Machine and Forrestfire Productions are proud to involuntarily enlist you in a brand new web-casting show from the makers of Twelve Months Of Terror.

Film writer and critic RJ Bayley is joined by director, writer and photographer Scott Forrest, who together lead the Film Corps. This unique and never before attempted combination of both film maker and critic (as far as they are aware) means all your bases are covered when it comes to your training in the dangerous world of film.

They even have the greatest theme tune ever recorded.

In this first episode they give a bracing overview of a subgenre very close to their hearts, the superhero movie. Suit up and prepare to receive top notch intel on the history of the genre, landmark films in it, innovations its brought about, and just where we think its headed.

Prepare to enroll in the Film Corps.