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We have a guaranteed treat for you this episode. We can assure you this because it was a real treat for us to record with the treat himself. On this special Superman Returns  episode we bring you the source of all Superman on the internet, Matt Daly, AKA the lord of Eyes Skyward. Join us as we talk through the past movies of this project with an expert, get into heated Batman Vs. Superman battles, and discuss this oddity of a Superman film with three bona fide superherologists.


It doesn’t seem a long time since Bryan Singer tried to reestablish the cinematic adventures of Clark Kent with Superman Returns. Maybe it hasn’t been, depends if you think 7 years is a long time ago. Maybe I don’t see it as that long ago because I really like Superman Returns. I’m fully aware though that a large proportion of cinema-goers, in these more not-the-70s times wanted something a little more punchy in their Superman movie.

And so we have Man of Steelthe first true reboot of Superman as a cinematic property.

Yes, Man of Steel is an origin story but one that, unlike the recent The Amazing Spider-Man, makes plenty of significant and valid deviations from its predecessor to validate its existence.

Immediately the most striking deviation from the original Superman: The Movie is its depiction of Krypton. What was a prelude in the 1978 original has a story all its own. We spend a significant amount of time on Superman’s home planet, and we fully explore the politics of the world  that were only hinted at before.  (more…)