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This wasn’t on the list? Was it? Was it?? No. It wasn’t. But when the list was made we didn’t know that Daredevil, the man without fear, would be joining his other superhero chums in the Marvel Screen Universe (I’m going to start using this term now due to all the TV projects).  However, now it’s been formally announced that Matt Murdock will return in a Netflix series, so we thought it only appropriate to spin back to 2003 to look at Hornhead when the idea of a shared screen universe was only the fevered dreams of fanboys everywhere.


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In this episode of Master Bates Motel Loyd’s World of the Weird section grows in even more dominant as we discuss some of the more wondrously bizarre things our world has to offer with casual disdain. Don’t worry Master Baters though, there’s plenty of Bates Motel action as we discuss episode 4 of the first series, exploring Norma’s revelation about Norman’s psyche, Bradley Manning’s misuse of milkshake, and Norman finally getting his sexy on. (more…)


Spoilers Ahoy

Scott “R’s Akimbo” Forrest and myself AKA the Film Corps return, albeit this time looking at the phenomena of small-screen blockbusters.

We look back the constant state of ‘event’ television from the US, charting its course from 24, via LostThe Walking DeadBattlestar GalacticaBoardwalk Empire and others up until the present day.

In this episode I, having watched very little event television, take the role of someone who has watched very little event television. Scott meanwhile, as someone who has seen rather a lot of event television, takes on the role of someone who has seen rather a lot of event television. It was frankly a nightmare working out who was going to be in which role.

So, with the dynamic established, we debate what makes Event Television, and what identifiers we can see from it, through our respective scopes of film director and film writer. Scott takes me through why I should dedicate a little more time to it, and I get angry that he doesn’t like season 2 of The Walking Dead.



When I was little (and still now to be honest) I adored cartoons. I had dozens and dozens of video tapes of old classic cartoons: Woody Woodpecker, Barney Bear, Tom & Jerry, The Three Stooges, Mr Magoo…you have no idea who these characters are do you? And of course the collected ensemble characters of Loony Tunes and Hanna-Barbera. In fact I was one of those few people who actually preferred H&B to the more popular and well-known Loony Tunes, well, with the exception of one…