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Bloody great adverts for it too.

Bloody great adverts for it too.

So. Here it is. The big one. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Broadcaster and film critic RJ Bayley and screen writer Niall ‘before Zod’ Heseltine give a suitably epic examination of the year’s biggest film. We delve into the fractured psychology of the caped crusader, why spectacle doesn’t come second to other aspects of movies, what makes one more compelling than the other, and how Zack Snyder is actually changing the language of cinema.
This podcast is choc full of spoilers from the start, but if you’re listening to this kind of podcast you’ve probably already seen the film haven’t you? Especially the kind of podcast that’s this long.

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Catching up on the DC Extended Universe is significantly easier than catching up on the Marvel equivalent.

Catching up on the DC Extended Universe is significantly easier than catching up on the Marvel equivalent.


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The Protoype2012 was a special year for fans of genre and franchise cinema. Sam Mendes gave us the appropriately excellent Bond adventure Skyfall for the secret agent’s 50th anniversary. Christopher Nolan made it a hat-trick and finished off his Batman trilogy with the stunning The Dark Knight Rises. Karl Urban delivered a rendition of The Law all comic fans were waiting for with the reassuringly violent Dredd. We were also treated to a return visit to Middle-Earth by the man who took us there in the first place via The Hobbit. And perhaps the most nerdgasm inducing of them all; that which I thought I’d never see on the silver screen, a cohesive (not to mention brilliant) comic-book universe culminating in the joyous Avengers Assemble.

But it wasn’t just good news for the superhero fans, the horror fans were well catered for too. Horror studio and British institution Hammer continued it’s triumphant resurrection with the rightly praised The Woman in Black. Tim Burton got back on form with the flawless Frankenweenie. Ridley Scott went back to the future with the retro Prometheus and Drew Goddard almost re-invented the horror-show with the showstopping The Cabin In The Woods.

Also there was blogger Louise Boyd’s must see horror of the year, Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead.

But now we’ve survived apocalypse and will soon be into Twelve Months of Terror then what have we got to look forward to?

Below are the trailers that have got Goats in the Machine most intrigued to see the films they’re flogging. (more…)








MoS poster 2
First time I saw the initial Man of Steel trailer I had mixed feelings. I have absolutely no problem with adding some grit and grime to a superhero, regardless of who they are, so seeing this offered an interesting new cinematic spin on the last son of Krypton.

On the other hand both it’s title (using a hero’s nom de guerre’s nom de guerre as the film’s title) and it’s tone and colour palette seemed to be overly reliant on The Dark Knight to find appeal.

Having watched this though I feel a sense of relief and unexpected excitement. Yes, it has a similar palate to The Dark Knight Trilogy (and let’s be honest, this will almost definitely be the start of its own trilogy) but it features a cavalcade of arresting imagery that calls to mind some classic comic book moments. This mixture of weight and super-heroic sensibilities seems me more reminding of the Iron Man films rather than the Batman series. (more…)