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After over a year of anticipation and tense build up, it’s finally here. Yes, that’s right, Goats In The Machine has joined forces with All of Whine and Space. 

To mark this clash of gigantic podcasting monsters we’re reviewing a film that features the repeated clashing of actual gigantic monsters, this year’s Hollywood stab at the Japanese legend, Godzilla. Join Chris and I for a look at the history of the monster, along with a bizarrely nostalgic look at the 1998 attempt and a discussion of one of the most killer trailers we ever saw in this indulgent and monstrous review.


popcorn horror2

Like all good horror movie monsters, Popcorn Horror has risen once again, stronger and more imposing than it was ever before.

I had been hoping to write this post a month ago when Popcorn Horror first relaunched but its been a fairly heavy writing/recording schedule.

For me there is something a little bittersweet about this new iteration of the pioneering platform that is Popcorn Horror. I’ve always been a fan of their mobile based delivery system for grassroots, independent horror films. It kept me more entertained on the bus back my last workplace than Youtube ever could and it genuinely supported up and coming film makers in a genre I am passionate about. (more…)


Goats In The Machine returns, and this time it’s drunk!

In honour of St. Patrick’s day hosts RJ Bayley and Louise Boyd are having a drink and discussion over the cult comedy horror LeprechaunAs we lurch from one alcohol fueled faux pas to another we also debate issues such as the varied comedic quality of the film, the interesting stylistic choices and some of the most downright bizarre moments you’re likely to witness in a horror movie.

If you’re planning on heading out this St. Patrick’s grab a few cans of that foul, tasteless black liquid and join us on a drink along through Warwick Davis‘ most notable and prolific role.

And, if you’re listening to this hungover after a St. Patrick’s celebration, ease the pain and grab a few cans of of that foul, tasteless black liquid and…you get the idea. It’s a St. Patrick’s Day episode, whatever you’re doing, drink some stout and watch Leprechaun along with us.

Hit up the link after the jump and indulge in some of that Oirish mah-jekk. (more…)

The_Hobbit-_An_Unexpected_JourneyPeter Jackson‘s The Lord of the Rings trilogy are the greatest films I’ve ever seen. I can’t call them the greatest films ever made, I haven’t seen every film ever made, but of all those I have seen, these are the greatest.

So when The Hobbit was announced a few years ago I met the news with no small amount of trepidation. After all, the first Great Trilogy didn’t exactly benefit from the release of a prequel trilogy vomiting its CGI cartoons all over the original’s pristine carpet.

The Hobbit though was a book in its own right that was released before The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and Peter Jackson is a much, much better director than George Lucas.

Concerns were raised when there was some trouble on pinning a director down, but it was a good sign that after something of a fiasco Peter Jackson agreed to return to Middle-earth. But just as those concerns were put to rest, more arose when it was announced that instead of two films, The Hobbit would be a trilogy itself. The relatively slim book The Hobbit.